Six Things You Need To Let Go Of


Six Things You Need To Let Go Of

As we are about to approach the Easter season, it is an emotionally healthy thing to take some time for introspection. It’s a great time to look back and make sure we don’t bring anything that’s gonna steal our peace and joy into this new time of the year. Sometimes all it takes to do that is letting go of certain things that have been holding you back and then truly embarking on a journey of inner discovery and transformation. Here are six things to start with:

Let go of the wrong people in your life

Sometimes your life can become a mess as the result of spending your time with the wrong people. Don’t let people suck the energy and happiness out of your life, and never chase people who do not invest in that relationship. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you, you shouldn’t have to fight for a spot.

Let go of trying to be someone else

The greatest gift you’ve been given is the very life you live every day. Why spend it trying to be someone you are not? Why waste your time and energy trying to impress others? Invest your inner resources in trying to build the best version of yourself, because the world needs someone like you. Don’t change just to make people like you. Just be yourself in the way you express yourself, while continually improving and developing your potential.

Let go of the fear of making mistakes

I always say this: It’s better to be going in the wrong direction than to stay parked your entire life. At least if you’re going somewhere, you can get directions and change your course at one point, and eventually get to the right destination. Every story of success has a trail of failures behind it, and every failure is an opportunity to learn what not to do next time and how to make better decisions in the future.

Let go of the thought that you’re not ready

If you wait until you will feel fully prepared whenever a new opportunity arises in your life, you will never actually get to enjoy progress at all. The truth is that some of the greatest opportunities in life will require us to leave our comfort zones and push our limits, which automatically causes us to feel unprepared, unready, unfit for the task, but choosing to move beyond our feelings of inadequacy will help us accomplish great things.

Let go of rush and busyness

One of the things that lead to a life of negativity and pessimism is overlooking the beauty of small moments. Being grateful on purpose and taking time to enjoy the little things and small unmissable moments will enable you to appreciate your everyday life and see it as something precious, rather than ordinary and boring.

Let go of perfectionism

Let’s get this straight: perfectionism does not exist, thus trying to achieve it only leads to frustration and bitterness. Try aiming for excellence instead: do the best you can with the best of what you have.

Learning to let go of unhealthy thinking patterns, unhealthy relationships or simply unhealthy habits, can be difficult and even painful at first, because every change we make in our life ultimately disturbs our comfort zone. The results, however, are far greater than the process itself, therefore I encourage you to wholeheartedly embrace the art of letting go and embark on the journey of freeing yourself from these 6 things I’ve mentioned above.